Episode 73: Joel Malkoff reads from Selling Ethically: A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits

Can you sell with integrity and still make a profit? Yes!

In Selling Ethically: A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits, author Joel Malkoff–a.k.a. the Ethics Giver–reveals the powerful and surprising link between business ethics and profits.

Drawing on the wisdom of biblical sages, modern thought leaders, and the tenets of Malkoff’s faith, this heartfelt and relatable business parable is inspired by experiences from the author’s own business career.

Having generated more than a half-billion dollars in sales, Malkoff proves that ethical business conduct isn’t just the right thing to do–it’s essential for:

• building better customer relationships 

• selling more products and services via customer referrals 

• increasing your sales revenue and profits 

In Selling Ethically, business executive David King, the parable’s protagonist, has a near-death experience; he suddenly finds his life–and his business career–on trial in a heavenly court. There, he fights not only to defend a lifetime’s worth of business decisions-but for the ultimate fate of his soul.

King’s journey leads to powerful professional and personal discoveries and the realization that ethical business practice and profits are inextricably linked.

Link to the book on Amazon

Link to the book on Barnes and Noble


Author: Lea Ryan

Author, blogger, podcaster, occasional artist

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